First XV Team

1ST XV SQUAD 2017-18

Top Row12345678
Middle Row12345678
Front Row12345678


Team Members

1Alex BoggisOld AlbaniansProp000000
2Alex GlikstenOld AlbaniansCenter000010
3Alsitair CrossdaleOld AlbaniansRight Wing000000
4Andrew DaishOld AlbaniansNumber Eight000000
5Arran MacDougallOld AlbaniansProp000000
6nzlBen PalmerOld AlbaniansCenter000010
7Bertie HaskinsOld AlbaniansProp000000
8Billy JohnsonOld AlbaniansNumber Eight000000
9Brett McNameeOld AlbaniansHooker000000
10Brian TuilagiOld AlbaniansBlindside Flanker000000
11Charlie HughesOld AlbaniansBlindside Flanker000000
12Chris MayOld AlbaniansCenter000000
13Christoff LombaardOld AlbaniansLeft Wing000010
14Craig DowsettOld AlbaniansRight Wing000000
15Dom MorrisOld AlbaniansCenter000000
16Don BarrellOld AlbaniansNumber Eight000000
17Garret Doman-CannOld AlbaniansProp000000
18George ElliottOld AlbaniansLeft Wing000000
19George SaundersOld AlbaniansCenter000000
20George WarnerOld AlbaniansHooker000000
21Harry BateOld AlbaniansOpenside Flanker000000
22Hayden KingOld AlbaniansProp000000
23Hayden Thompson-StringerOld AlbaniansNumber Eight000000
24Ian VassOld AlbaniansCenter000000
25Ignas DarkintisOld AlbaniansProp000000
26Jack DalyOld AlbaniansScrum Half000000
27Jack FlanaganOld AlbaniansHooker000000
28Jacob ConnorOld AlbaniansBlindside Flanker000000
29Jacob MoodyOld AlbaniansLock000000
30James HearnOld AlbaniansFull Back000000
31James ShanahanOld AlbaniansOutside Half000000
32James SpiersOld AlbaniansCenter000000
33Jason BillowsOld AlbaniansOpenside Flanker000000
34Jenz RobinsonOld AlbaniansHooker000000
35Jon PhillipsOld AlbaniansLock000000
36Jordi PasqualinOld AlbaniansScrum Half000000
37Josh TaylorOld AlbaniansHooker000000
38Joshua HewittOld AlbaniansHooker000000
39Joshua PieterseOld AlbaniansHooker000000
40Karl GarsideOld AlbaniansProp000000
41Kelly BrownOld AlbaniansNumber Eight000000
42Lawrence WhiteOld AlbaniansOpenside Flanker000000
43Leo FieldingOld AlbaniansRight Wing000000
44Lloyd BickleOld AlbaniansLock000000
45Matt MilesOld AlbaniansHooker000000
46Matthew BrooksOld AlbaniansHooker000000
47Matthew DeaneOld AlbaniansCenter000000
48Max MalinsOld AlbaniansRight Wing000010
49Mike AllanOld AlbaniansRight Wing000000
50Morgan ThompsonOld AlbaniansScrum Half000000
51Muna EbongalameOld AlbaniansRight Wing000000
52Nicholas StevensOld AlbaniansBlindside Flanker000000
53Nick FosterOld AlbaniansFull Back000010
54Oliver BurgessOld AlbaniansCenter000000
55Oliver Cooper-MillerOld AlbaniansNumber Eight000000
56Oliver WallikerOld AlbaniansProp000000
57Olly MarchonOld AlbaniansCenter000000
58Richard GreggOld AlbaniansOutside Half000000
59Rob SchallaciOld AlbaniansProp000000
60Rory TeagueOld AlbaniansOutside Half000000
61Ross HamiltonOld AlbaniansBlindside Flanker000000
62Sam LunnonOld AlbaniansBlindside Flanker000000
63Sam StaffOld AlbaniansProp000000
64Steve EllisOld AlbaniansCenter000000
65Steven NevilleOld AlbaniansProp000000
66T LucasOld AlbaniansHooker000000
67Taylor ReedOld AlbaniansProp000000
68Tim LucasOld AlbaniansHooker000000
69Tomas RolfeOld AlbaniansLock000000
70William BriggsOld AlbaniansProp000000
71William Hague-BlundyOld AlbaniansLock000000
72William MagieOld AlbaniansOutside Half000000
73William SmithOld AlbaniansRight Wing000000
74Zak VinnicombeOld AlbaniansCenter000000


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