Old Albanians — Rosslyn Park

Old Albanian 0 pts Rosslyn Park 58 pts

An entire season’s worth of misfortune was visited on Gavin Hogg’s charges in their attempt to keep Rosslyn Park’s maurauders at bay on a sunny opening afternoon to this new campaign.

Too often it has been said that if you keep doing what you are doing and expect different results an element of lunacy must be expected. Whilst madness is not suspected here far too much of the OA approach was predictable and Park latched onto this fact very early in this one-sided encounter.

The visitors adopted an eminently pragmatic methodology and simply took advantage of OA handling errors, when offered, to run unexpected possession back at their hosts. This, coupled with their ability to maintain their own possession and run all of it in a confident, powerful manner ensured the entire afternoon was one of painful memory to Albanians on the field and off.

Tight play was probably the only facet of the OA game which will comfort the coaching team; nothing was lost in the tight scrum against weightier opponents and two lineouts were stolen in fortuitous circumstances. As the scoreline indicates none of this helped the Albanian cause.
Ampthill await next week and Paul Turner and long-time OA skipper Billy Johnson will attempt to repeat today’s dose.

A’s new squad now know what is expected in National One.

Brian Quinn

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Woollams Pavilion
Old Albanian Sports Club, 160 Harpenden Rd, St Albans AL3 6BB, UK

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